Values & How We Work


We are dedicated to supporting you and your business, no matter your size, sector, current quality issues or management system.

We believe that quality should be integral to an organisation and is about customer satisfaction and adding value. We do not subscribe to the perception that quality systems sit away from “how we actually work” or that they must be excessively costly or administration-heavy. We can show the benefit of built-in quality rather than inspection “sorting good from bad” or reacting to repetitive problems after they occur.

We believe that working with us is an investment for the future therefore we do not provide “one size fits all” quality manuals nor do we offer certification ourselves. We believe in developing systems which reflect your business needs and expertise with the maximum of effectiveness. We will work with your leadership and operational teams towards compliance with the ISO9001 standard and ultimately certification by a UKAS accredited registrar.

How We Work

We aim to empower our clients and their teams with strong Business Excellence and Quality fundamentals, flowing from their specific business goals and objectives, focusing on interested parties, risk identification and preventive thinking, robust systems and processes, performance measurement, effective audit and continuous improvement.

We work with you to design assignments around your objectives, needs and budgets. Please contact us for an initial no obligation discussion. From this a programme of activities can be scoped and costed. Depending on the size and maturity of the organisation this may include undertaking an on-site diagnostic prior to establishing a detailed proposal.

We recognise that improvement requires a candid view of the current situation and a clear understanding of your ethos and culture to be effective. We work closely with you to build trust and we respect clients’ confidentiality regarding sensitive information shared.

The approaches taken very much depend on client specific needs but we apply the most appropriate best practice methods for achieving the results required, and we will work with your team to “coach” during the programme.